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The Statim is the most popular sterilizer among ophthalmologists, and it’s no secret why. Since its introduction 25 years ago, the Statim’s speed and fully automatic operation have been allowing ophthalmologists to perform a higher volume of procedures than ever before.

The Statm’s single-use water system is a great feature for ophthalmic practices. Unlike many autoclaves that reuse the same water for multiple loads, the Statim sterilizes each load with fresh water, reducing DLK concerns.

The Statim’s removable cassette allows your staff to aseptically transport freshly sterilized instruments directly to the treatment area when necessary, and multiple cassettes can be used with each Statim, making it easy to maximize instrument turnaround.

With fully automatic operation all the way through drying, you can push the start button and walk away.

To reduce DLK concerns, the MFR recommends draining the reservoir completely at the end of each day.

A great safety feature for ophthalmic practices: Today’s Statims will not operate if filled with tap water. Statims require steam-process distilled water containing less than 5ppm total dissolved solids. Most ophthalmologists choose to use medical-grade sterile distilled water to further guard against DLK.

Keeping the Statim’s cassette dry between uses is good practice for ophthalmic offices. Did you know that using Stat-Dri plates in your cassette can greatly improve drying performance and reduce drying time? You can order Stat-Dri plates here.

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