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If you’re a tattoo or piercing artist, you rely on your autoclave to provide safe, clean tools and jewelry for you and your customers. The Statim 2000 has become the sterilizer of choice for body art professionals everywhere due to its speed, ease of use, and small footprint.

Autoclaves in the tattoo and body art industry aren’t just another tool, they are an essential part of a safe, modern studio. Preventing infection and illness is a top industry priority, and accomplishing that means choosing the right autoclave.

In the past, many piercers and tattoo artists chose the now-discontinued Statim 900 due to its small size and low price. The body art industry is increasingly turning to the Statim 2000 model, which offers larger chamber capacity while maintaining a small footprint and easy transportability.

The Statim brand offers a greater assurance of sterilization than many chamber sterilizers because time and temperature are fully automated by the on-board microprocessor. Some models can even be equipped with a printer or data logger to provide temperature tracking results for each cycle.

The Statim 2000 measures only 19 by 16 by 6 inches, so many piercers and tattoo artists like to keep the Statim chairside where customers can witness instruments being sterilized. In fact, a sterilization cycle takes just 6 minutes beginning to end, so you can quickly sterilize a client’s jewelry immediately before the piercing procedure.

The Statim brand is a great fit for the modern body art studio, offering a sleek, clean look, unlike large and bulky porthole-style chamber autoclaves.

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