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Statim Cassette Leaks

Check for condensation with a mirror

How can I tell if my cassette is leaking?

Run a mirror along the narrow gap directly above the cassette. If condensation collects on the surface of the mirror, the cassette is leaking.

What cycle faults can be caused by a cassette leak?

Cycle faults 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, and 26 can all be caused by a cassette leak.

See the full list of Statim cycle faults.

1. Bent/damaged probe bracket

Using a flashlight, check to see if the temp probe at the back of the chamber is bent (fig. 1: bent probe). Also, check to see if the roll bar is frayed at the ends (fig. 2: frayed roll bar). If either is true, stop troubleshooting and send the Statim in for a shop repair. If not, proceed to step 2.

Bent Statim probe fig. 1a: bent probe
Frayed Statim roll bar fig. 1b: frayed roll bar

2. Cassette gasket

Improper gasket installation is very common and can cause a cycle fault 1. Ensure that the cassette gasket is installed correctly (fig. 3: correct gasket). If the gasket has not been replaced in 6 months or more, replace it.

Statim cassette gasket fig. 2: correct gasket

3. Bent cassette

Check the cassette for any obvious dents or misshapen areas along the edges and corners (fig. 4: bent cassette). If the cassette tray or lid has any such damage, it will need to be replaced, as it is generally not possible to repair them. Don’t worry about dents in the flat surface of the cassette lid. These will not cause a leak.

Bent Statim Cassette fig. 3: bent cassette

4. Dirty cassette

Check for grime buildup along the top edge of the cassette tray and clean it if necessary (fig. 5: dirty cassette). You may also need to remove the gasket and clean any buildup from the lid channel.

Dirty Statim Cassette fig. 4: dirty cassette


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